St. Peter's C.S.S.

How to Read the Timetable

Posted on 09/05/2021

The Q stands for Quad.

How to read your timetable

Q1 courses will be during Week A
Q1 - 1(A) 2(B) =  Week A Period 1
Q1 - 1(B) 2(A) = Week A Period 2

Q2 courses will be during Week B
Q2 - 1(A) 2(B) = Week B Period 1
Q2 - 1(B) 2(A) = Week B Period 2

If you are unsure of a course code, please have your child log into their Xello Account.  You can see the courses there. 


Before requesting a guidance appointment / timetable change please read the following.  

Gr. 9's

If you have taken the Reach Ahead Course for Geography, the alternate elective requests have been put into your timetable. 

Remember that courses with 2's in front of them (ATC2O, TMJ2O, etc...) are Gr. 10 courses but will have many Gr. 9's in them. 

Gr. 10's

If, you happen to have a hole in your timetable, this is where the Careers/Civics Course will be.  Sometimes sending the timetables electronically doesn't capture the 'placeholder' in place for this class.  You do have a class in that period!

Gr. 11 & 12's

Please be sure to confirm your research for your post secondary requirements at or to ensure the courses you have chosen will support your post high school plans. 

If you wish to make an appointment to speak to a Guidance Counsellor, please complete the google link

Once counsellors receive your request they will be visiting classes to discuss your request.  Please know that  in order for them to do this successfully you MUST stay in your current class until a counsellor comes to change your timetable.  If you are not in your class it will be difficult for them to change your timetable. 

Counsellors see students based on surname

Ms. Reid  A - F
Ms. Lemieux - G - M
Mr. Koson - N - Z