St. Peter's C.S.S.

Volunteer Opportunity - Tree Planting

Posted on 04/19/2021
St. Peter's Catholic Secondary School

The South Simcoe Streams Network hopes to plant at least 5000 young trees and shrubs this spring. As you can see in the attached bulletin, we are organizing a number of events aimed to begin in mid-May.  Given COVID, many of our planting partners cannot participate and the maximum number that can be on site at any given time is 25 (at least that is our hope come mid May). There is much more planning involved including setting up ahead of time so distancing is made easier and having a  9:1 ratio of volunteers to team lead.  
Please see the attached bulletin.    If you can help with the planting please RSVP your preferred date(s) and you will receive a registration package.  If you are interested in setting up a group planting, please call me on my cell for further discussion. 

2021 Spring Bulletin final 2021 Spring Bulletin final