What are Spirit Points?

Posted on 07/31/2018
St. Peter's Catholic Secondary School

Spirit Points have been around St. Peter's since the inception of Clash of the Colours in 2003! They were created to track friendly rivalry between the staff, students and grades as the grades come together and work as a team to be crowned the Spirit Champion of the year! We have had some grades win 3 times in a row and we have had a group of Gr. 9's win too!

Some years are better than others in the amount of Spirit Point Opportunities we have, however with the use of the App we are going to try to be even better!

Why do we have spirit points? 

Why not? ... they are tradition :)

How are they tracked? 

At assemblies, during food drives, lunchtime activities and other grade challenges, spirit points are tracked based on who wins each activity. First place gets 5 points, second gets 3 and third gets 1 point! Tracking spirit points are a great way to bring the grades together as a community to celebrate competition.