What is Clash of the Colours?

Posted on 07/31/2018
St. Peter's Catholic Secondary School

Colour Day was born in 2003!   Originally during Colour Day,  students wore their colors and we would come together as a school community and have an assembly during Period 4.  That was it.  Those days were always so successful.   

In the spring of 2009, we tried to run a 'Colour Cup Challenge' play day event to bring the school community together.  Colour Cup Challenge was an event Ms. Lemieux participated in as a student in her home school of Geraldton Composite High.  She thought she would try to bring a version of that event to St. Peter's.  Unfortunately participation was low at this event, even though those that participated created bonds, friendships, and memories!   

In the fall of 2009 during our leadership class we had discussed the pros and cons of Colour Cup Challenge and we decided to pair an already successful activity / community building day (Color Day) with a not so successful activity / community building day such as Color Cup Challenge...... and voila...Clash of Colours was born!!

Clash of the Colours is about creating a community within each grade as each grade comes together to try to win points towards winning the Cup. During Clash of the Colours, you get to meet new people and get to know people in your grade! This day is also about 'healthy' competition and SPORTSMANSHIP! Grades are also encouraged to help each other and encourage each other throughout the day. 

Clash of the Colours is a great way to start the school year! There is much spirit and energy demonstrated this day. 

If playing games as part of a large team and being loud isn't your thing, then we also offer a chance to participate in the Board Game Room as well or participate in our Clash of the Talents Show! 

Clash of the Colours doesn't happen without the support of the Gr. 11 Leadership Class and the Panther Student Union helping to plan the day. It also doesn't happen without the many student volunteers who wish to lead teams and games and provide the talent! Check the Upcoming Events page for auditions and more information about when to audition or to apply to be a Team or Game Leader!

What do you wear?

Gr. 9 - PURPLE

Gr. 10 - ORANGE

Gr. 11 - GREEN

Gr. 12 - YELLOW

Gr. 12+ - RED

Staff - BLUE