What is Monsignor Clair Cup?

Posted on 08/01/2018
St. Peter's Catholic Secondary School

Monsignor Clair Cup (MCC) originated in 1998 by Mr. Tim Hasenack. Named after Monsignor Clair, a supporter of Catholic Education in Barrie, it began as a single game between St. Joseph's C.S.S and St. Peter's C.S.S. featuring the Boys' hockey team. The event used to feature ONE game and altered between the Boys playing one year and the Girls' playing in the other. In 2006, it was decided to extend the day and the tournament to allow both the Boys' and Girls' to play each year! In 2008, St. Joan of Arc, the newest Catholic High School in Barrie, was added to the tournament creating more competition and a longer day to celebrate! It is a healthy rivalry between the schools!

It is a strong community event, and it is celebrated by all three Catholic High Schools as well as many Alumni who return to participate and give back to the event! The referees are all Panther Alumni, and many Alumni sponsor the event and return to play in Alumni games when hosted. It is a long-standing tradition and one that 700+ Panthers choose to enjoy every year! Don't miss out!

The MCC Dance

In 2009, inspired by Oprah Winfrey's last show where she had a choreographed dance in the street... Ms. Lemieux came up with the vision of having our entire school dance in unison at the hockey game! Upon pitching the idea to the staff and students, everyone accepted the challenge, and in 2009 we showed up at the rink and 'wowed' the crowd with our efforts! The dance has now turned into another way we celebrate the day with all three schools participating in the dance. Each year Ms. Lemieux, Ms. Heran and student leaders work hard to create new and creative ideas for a dance! Be sure to check out Petey Panther Youtube Channel for all of the dances!