St. Peter's C.S.S.

Fall Sports

Updated on 12/22/2018

The following sports run in the Fall:

  • Jr. Girls' Basketball - Ms. Zuke
  • Sr. Girls' Basketball - Mr.  Hook & Ms. Savard
  • Jr. Boys' Volleyball - Ms. Harvey
  • Sr. Boys' Volleyball - Mr. Bowers
  • Cross Country - Ms. Zyla
  • Varsity Football - Mr. Pautler, Mr. Fuentes,  Mr. Greenlaw, Mr. Moore, C. Riska. M.Scott, J. Sylvester, Mr. Nitti, Ms. Beaumont
  • Jr. Boys' Soccer - Mr. Bruni, Mr. Smith, Ms. Smith
  • Sr. Boys' Soccer - Mr. Bruni, Mr. Smith, Ms. Smith
  • Girls' Flag Football - Mr. Stocco, Mr. Zawacki
  • Sr. Boys' Golf -  Mr. Borsa
  • Girls' Golf - Mr. Bowers
  • Sr. Tennis - Ms. Lavalee


For information regarding tryouts and games,  please be sure to check out the Athletics calendar in the Upcoming Events section.


Please see our Athletic Director, Mrs. Morrison