Volunteer Opportunity - Knights of Columbus Christmas Bags

Posted on 11/04/2022
St. Peter's Catholic Secondary School

We are seeking high school volunteers to help us prepare, pack and hand out free children's Christmas gift bags from the Knights of Columbus at St. Mary's Church's Lux Vitae event, on Saturday, November 26th.  
We will need volunteers to:
assemble craft kits
write Christmas cards
wrap presents
dress as elves & hand out gift bags on Saturday, November 26th, for shifts between 11 am-8 pm, plus 1/2 hour before and after for set up/tidy up.   
decorate gift bags
pack gift bags
make crafts for bags (ie sewing cards etc)
count items
add ribbons, stickers, tags etc. to items, cards, bags...
All materials and tools will be provided.  
Students can do as much or as little work as they like.  They choose their own jobs and keep track of their own hours.
Work will be done at their homes for the most part, except for the packing and handing out of gift bags.  Students can pick up and drop off jobs from my porch at their convenience.  I MAY be able to do some for pick up and drop offs ( Bayview and Burton)   depending on the student's location.
Would prefer students to text me at 705) 321-5854 to connect with me, so I can keep a good record of who has what job, what materials, when it's coming back etc.
Hoping to hear from your students with questions or requests to be involved!!
Thanks again for your great work!!
Cathie Lalonde