School Wide Easter Egg Hunt

  • Throughout The Hunt, there will be our own school-wide Easter egg hunt. Throughout the school, there will be colourful plastic easter eggs that you are able to find and bring down to the front foyer on your lunch for spirit points. 


    How does the EASTER EGG HUNT work?

  • Find and collect any eggs that you find around the school.l 

  • Bring them down to the front foyer on your lunch.

  • Place them in your grade‚Äôs bucket.

  • Spirit points will be rewarded for each egg found. 

  • The grade with the most eggs found at the end of The Hunt will receive an extra 10 spirit points.

What are the rules for the EASTER EGG HUNT?

  • You may collect the eggs at any point during the day.

  • Please do not take the eggs and keep them.

  • If you find an egg you must return them. 

  • You may collect as many eggs as you can find!