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Volunteer Tracking Form

Students must complete a minimum of 40 hours of community involvement as a Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirement. Please see the attached for to track these hours. Please submit forms as soon a hours are completed to the guidance office!


Volunteer Opportunity - Tree Planting

The South Simcoe Streams Network hopes to plant at least 5000 young trees and shrubs this spring. As you can see in the attached bulletin, we are organizing a number of events aimed to begin in mid-May. Given COVID, many of our planting partners cannot participate and the maximum number that can be on site at any given time is 25 (at least that is our hope come mid May). There is much more planning involved including setting up ahead of time so distancing is made easier and having a 9:1 ratio of volunteers to team lead.


Community Service Opportunity

My name is Boluwatife Ogunniyi and I am emailing you on behalf of the Simcoe County Environmental Youth Alliance. We are a youth led organization made up of students who are passionate about the environment. Our goal is to increase awareness about environmental issues, to drive and inspire change in our community. For more information about our club, visit our Instagram page at @sceyalliance.


Canada Student Service Grant

The new Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG) provides qualified post-secondary students and recent graduates with volunteer opportunities while supporting not-for-profit organizations with flexible solutions to address COVID-19 response during summer 2020. By celebrating Canada's unique talents, skills and abilities, we will find strength and connection within our communities across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Town of Innisfil Youth Engagement Strategy

Since November, the Town of Innisfil has been working with youth (grades 9-12) to create a municipal-wide strategy that will help ensure that your voices are heard in the planning and design of programs, special events, public spaces, and more. Are you a St. Pete's student that lives in Innisfil? We want to hear from you!


Volunteer to be a Snow Angel

A new online tool has arrived in Barrie that will help connect volunteers with those needing snow removal assistance. Snow Angels Canada (https://snowangelscanada.ca/) is an online platform where residents who require assistance with snow shoveling can post a request for service and volunteers in their area can reach out to help.


Become a Youth Leader - SSSN

The South Simcoe Streams Network (SSSN) committee is looking for a youth representative to add their voice and input on the committee. Involvement on the committee would include gaining insight in project planning and hands-on field experience. Attached is a poster about this opportunity


Send a Valentine to a Veteran

While you enjoy some down time after exams, perhaps you'd like to send a little Valentine's Day Cheer! Article from CTV News


Volunteer - Orillia Winter Games

The Orillia Winter Games is back! Why not volunteer for a couple of hours or days to support our young athletes! Check out the details at https://www.orillia2020.ca/en/volunteer/volunteer.aspx